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Welcome Gang to the Freddy Zapp Official Website. You can find out all about The Real Freddy Zapp in his Biography page.
If you are going to see Freddy on stage check out the Live & Devilish page to discover what sort of evening you are in for! Reviewers have said of Freddy's show 'Once seen never forgotten'. Now you can judge for yourself by checking out the entertainer's gigs. See a full list of Tour Dates only on this website!
If you would like to find out how you could book Freddy, or you want to ask him a question then ring the Zapp hotline on 01209 214410 and speak to the man himself!
Thanks for visiting gang and enjoy the official website about Cornwall's legendary performer -
Freddy Zapp!

Listen Live! to Freddy on BBC Radio Cornwall, every Saturday from 12 til 2!  


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